About me

I am an Integrity, passionate freelance designer. I like to surprise my clients by taking a slightly different approach, in order to achieve at the most creative and effective communication solutions. Interaction with the target group and the user experience are always central. For me, it's not just about a nice 'jacket', but also about the functionality of digital products and services. Thinking from the user's point of view, generating innovative ideas and finding a perfect balance between what is beautiful and what works, that makes me happy. I am always full of new ideas and see a challenge in every digital development. 'Boundaries are there to be explored and, where possible, to be pushed back', is my motto. This is expressed in progressive designs, where functionality and user experience are always paramount. I think in opportunities and believe in possibilities. In this way I often come up with surprising perspectives that perfectly match the wishes of the client.

I am specialized in e-commerce, content platforms, corporate websites, conversational interfaces, tools, (progressive web) apps, accessibility and data-driven design. Do you want to tailor your design to business goals and customer wishes? I help you. Just like ING, ABN AMRO, Sociale Verzekeringsbank, you can hire me to tackle the UX challenges of your department/company.

How can I help you?

Design Thinking

I create end-to-end experiences by talking to customers to discover unmet needs and testing solutions with them, ensuring that products or services meet both business objectives and end user needs.

UX Design

Good UX = better business. It shapes customer perception of your brand. Good UX understands, assists, and delights customers, going beyond functionality and aesthetics.

Visual Design

I collaborate with development teams to create pixel-perfect designs that are primed for refinement. By working closely with developers and data analysts, I strive to optimize product and service design for maximum impact.

Design Systems

Streamline your design process with a robust Design System. I create cohesive, scalable design languages that ensure consistency across all your digital products, enhancing brand recognition and efficiency.


I assist organizations in nurturing their designers' skills, strategically advising on recruitment, and navigating complex environments. Together, we'll strengthen your team's capabilities, ensuring they excel and innovate within your organization.

Design Strategy

Define the future of your product with a clear Design Strategy. I help you align your business goals with user needs, crafting strategic designs that drive success and long-term growth.