The open environment of ABN AMRO no longer met customer needs visually compared to competitors. In addition, the findability was poor. The NPS for the open area was too low and traffic was not capitalized enough

The opportunity

ABN AMRO's online environment no longer felt as fresh and modern compared to its competitors. The findability was lacking, and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) wasn't where it needed to be. Simply put, we weren't seeing the engagement and conversion we aimed for.

My Role in This Project

In Project GROW, I was given the helm to turn things around. This was a unique opportunity since it was the bank's first project to be approached entirely with Agile methodology. We were given free rein to completely redesign the open domain of the bank. Teaming up with a group of frontend specialists, we were tasked with starting from scratch: designing a brand new set of pages, building a design system, and converting everything into working HTML pages for extensive testing. My contribution was key in setting up the concept, developing a component library in Sketch, and ensuring that everything we developed worked seamlessly. I led the charge in defining design principles, engaging stakeholders, inspiring other teams, and making sure our concept was well-received across the organization.

I had the pleasure of working with Rudolf at ABN AMRO, where his UX expertise, creativity and dynamic energy pushed our team to new heights. Rudolf is a visionary who not only understands today's digital landscape, but also inspires with his view of the future. His passion for design and coaching others makes him an indispensable force in every project. With Rudolf you not only get a top designer, but a true game-changer.

Maaike Molenkamp

(ex) Design Lead, ABN AMRO

The Process

It was a creative journey where we could rethink and redesign everything. From gathering input and mapping current customer processes to developing and testing both high-fidelity and low-fidelity prototypes. The feedback from user testing in the Usability lab was invaluable, helping us refine our designs further.

Tools and Techniques

We went all-in with Sketch for design and Adobe XD or similar tools for prototyping. Developing a component library was a game-changer; it ensured consistency and efficiency. The Agile way of working allowed us to iterate and adjust quickly based on real-time feedback.

The Impact

The result? A radically renewed online environment that, six years later, still forms the basis of how ABN AMRO operates online. Project GROW was not just a success in terms of design and usability but also set a new standard for how projects were approached within the bank. It stands as a testament to what's possible when given the space to be truly innovative.