Actify, the vitality coach that teaches you small healthy habits step by step.

The Challenge

"Dream big, but start small." This mantra is at the heart of the Actify app's mission. It's about making healthier living easier by taking small, manageable steps. It's fascinating how this approach is backed by science, proving that small habits can significantly lead us towards a healthier lifestyle. The Actify app is designed to seamlessly fit into your hectic life, helping you balance work, family, and social commitments with your health goals.

Our Product Vision

Actify serves as a coach, guiding you through small steps towards a healthier life. We firmly believe that to achieve this goal, a holistic approach encompassing Moving/Exercise, Healthy Eating, and Sleep/Mental Health is essential.

The Problem Statement

The central question we face is: How can we integrate the three pillars (Moving/Exercise, Healthy Eating, Sleep/Mental Health) to create a unified Actify experience for our customers?


- How can we embed our desired coaching functionality into this unified whole?

- What other functionalities are essential to address this problem effectively?

- How can we turn our multi-pillar approach into a strength, offering solutions that cover all aspects of a healthy lifestyle?

- What are the best ways to provide feedback on progress? Could incentives or gamification play a role here?

- (Un)bundling: Should we aim for an all-encompassing, single killer app or develop focused, single-pillar apps?

Working with Rudolf has been a revelation in understanding the true potential of UX/UI design. His approach is both methodical and creative, consistently pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Rudolf's ability to translate complex concepts into user-friendly designs has been instrumental in elevating our campaigns. His commitment to excellence and innovation has not only enriched our projects but has also set a new standard for design within our team. It's a pleasure to collaborate with someone so dedicated and skilled.

Linda van Bokhorst

(ex) Copywriter, Actify

The Process

The development of the Actify app started with a comprehensive analysis of the three pillars of a healthier lifestyle. By understanding the intricacies of each pillar, we could begin to conceptualize how they could interconnect within a single platform. This involved brainstorming sessions, user research, and iterative design processes to ensure that the Actify app could offer a cohesive and engaging experience.

The inclusion of a coaching functionality was pivotal. It meant designing an intuitive interface that could offer personalized advice, encouragement, and support. We explored various functionalities, such as activity tracking, meal planning, and mental health exercises, to see how they could synergize within the app.

Feedback mechanisms and the potential for gamification were thoroughly considered to make the journey towards a healthier lifestyle rewarding and motivating. We questioned whether a unified app or separate apps for each pillar would better serve our users, ultimately seeking a solution that would provide the most value and convenience.

Tools and Techniques

Throughout the project, we employed a mix of design thinking, agile development methodologies, and user-centered design principles. Prototyping tools and feedback platforms allowed us to rapidly iterate on our ideas and incorporate real user feedback into the development process.

The Impact

By tackling the challenge of integrating Movement/Exercise, Healthy Eating, and Sleep/Mental Health into a unified Actify experience, we aimed to redefine what a health and wellness app can achieve. Our approach not only addresses the complexity of living a healthier life but also empowers our users to make lasting changes through small, achievable steps.