Actify, the vitality coach that teaches you small healthy habits step by step.


Product Design, Prototyping, User Validation, Facilitate workshops, Strategy






Dream big, but start small. If you take small steps, healthier living is a lot easier. Did you know that this has even been scientifically proven? That's why the Actify app helps you, with small habits, step by step to a healthier life that works for you. So easy next to your busy life with work, family and friends!

Product Vision

Actify is the coach that helps you in small steps to live a healthier life. We believe all three pillars are essential to achieve a healthier life.

Problem Statement

How can we connect the three pillars (Moving / Exercise, Healthy eating, Sleep / Mental health) and create a unified Actify experience for our customers?


- How can we infuse this unified whole with our desired coaching functionality?
- hich other functionalities are essential to this solve this problem?
- How do we make offering solutions to multiple pillars a strength?
- How do we give feedback on progress? Can incentives/gamification play a role?
- (Un)bundling: All pillars in one-killer app or one single-focus apps per pillar?