In my recent project at the Tax Authorities, I played a key role in redesigning the ICT888 app, an essential internal tool.

The Challenge

In this ambitious project at the Tax Authority, I played a key role in redesigning the ICT888 app and developing a new design system. This initiative required a profound transformation of the existing app to align it with the latest Android and iOS design guidelines. My contribution ranged from refreshing all app screens to creating a coherent and flexible design system that serves as the foundation for future developments.

My Role in This Project

Redesign of the Interface: I completely redesigned the app's user interface, reconstructing each screen according to the standards of Android and iOS. This resulted in an improved user experience and greater consistency across different platforms.

Development of the Design System: A significant part of my work was creating a new design system. This system provides a set of guidelines and components that ensure uniformity and scalability in app development, contributing to a more efficient workflow and consistency in the user interface.

User Testing: Testing with end-users was crucial in the process. Their feedback helped us fine-tune the design and functionality of the app for optimal performance.

Innovation: Smart Chat Feature: Introducing a smart chat feature was a major innovative step, enhancing users' interaction with the app and offering a new way to quickly find information and resolve issues.

The Process

The journey began with a deep dive into the existing app to understand its shortcomings and identify opportunities for alignment with current design standards. Following this analysis, I embarked on the comprehensive task of redesigning each screen, paying close attention to the user experience and interface consistency.

Simultaneously, I laid the groundwork for a new design system that would not only address the immediate needs of the ICT888 app but also provide a scalable and flexible framework for future applications. This involved defining a clear set of design principles, creating reusable components, and establishing guidelines for their use.

User testing sessions were organized to gather valuable insights from the app's target audience. This feedback loop was instrumental in refining the app's design and ensuring that the new features, such as the smart chat function, were both intuitive and effective.

Tools and Techniques

Throughout the project, I utilized a variety of design and prototyping tools to bring the new app interface and design system to life. Collaborative platforms and testing software played a significant role in facilitating feedback and iterative improvements.

The Impact

The redesign of the ICT888 app and the development of a new design system marked a significant leap forward for the Tax Authority's digital services. By elevating the user experience and embracing innovation, such as the smart chat feature, we not only met current design standards but also laid a strong foundation for future enhancements.

This transformation has positioned the ICT888 app as a benchmark for user-centric design within the organization, demonstrating the value of thorough design processes and user feedback in creating effective and engaging digital products.